Shin DXD1 Life.3: My new friend is a mysterious songstress.

 My new friend is a           mysterious songstress

We returned after suppressing the unknown devils.
After arriving hyoudou residence, Rias and Ravel explained the circumstances to the superiors of the underworld. The subjugation was successful, and at that time we met a mysterious girl and put her under protection – I and Bova had a bad time because of the song that the purple haired girl sang, but when the music stopped, our bodies returned to normal. For concern, we also report the situation of that time to the underworld, and also to Grigori who does research with Sacred Gears. The girl under protection was put to sleep in a separate room. We kept an eye on that girl so that she can't leave the house. A few hours have passed since then, we are contacted by the superiors of the underworld.
In the spacious VIP room on the upper floor of the Hyoudou residence, in the reception room. The members of the mission have been assembled including Bova(with his shrunk bo…

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Life 0:

Issei finds himself seeing Matsuda and Motohama crying and his parents as well, with 3 of the Rookie 4 congratulating him. Its a wedding ceremony. The brides are Rias, Asia, Akeno, Ravel, Shirone, Kuroka, Xenovia, Irina, Rose, Le Fay, Elmenhilde, and Ingvild. Kunou, Yasaka, and Roygun are waiting in the 2nd batch to marry Issei after the first 12. Issei was thinking of his first night, but hears Chichigami telling him that this is an image he created for him. Chichigami tells Ise he must gather the 12 Heavenly Breast to fight against the crisis of the other world, and by then Issei will understand the reason why as well as become the Father with "breast". Father with "breast?" Ise thinks, but gave up understanding the sentence then lost consciences

Life 1: The Debut of the New Devil (Ingvild)
Issei wakes up from his dream and thinks that he was marrying more than 12 people, but cant think of a…

Shin DXD life.1

As I said here is life.1(edited)

(Somehow you know the end)

I am a high-class devil, Issei Hyoudou.
        After a few days of the school holidays, we are going to the devil world. In underworld, unlike the world in which human's live, there is no ocean, but only a vast land area . This world was once divided between Devils and fallen angels (an angel who is discarded from the heaven because of his evil feelings).
          But last year, due the peace agreement between the three factions, including angels, the tension between the border is decreased. Both the sides have started to interact with each other. Now, I'm in Gremory territory which in the devil's side and is governed by Lord Gremory. The engagement press conference is began at the most luxurious hotel of the Gremory territory.
          In the hall, prepared for the engagement conference, there are reporters from all around the underworld. There are dazzling flashes of camera focusing on the beautif…

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